Jason Edwards

National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards has taken his story telling to dozens of countries and to every continent. Jason has been at the forefront of natural history photography for more than three decades. His image portfolio ranks among the largest of any photographer in the Society's long history.

His work has appeared in hundreds of publications including National Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife, Australian Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Conde Nast Traveler, and The New Yorker. Based in Melbourne Australia, a passion for wildlife and the environment has been with him over his extensive career that began at the Zoological Board of Victoria. Jason has been recognised globally for his contributions to Science, the Environment and the Arts.

Icebergs to Iguanas

For me, photography is more than just capturing beautiful pictures, it’s about telling a story. Icebergs to Iguanas is a collection of my treasured National Geographic images and memories enlightened with behind-the-scenes stories, fascinating captions and personal observations extracted from my field journals.

National Geographic Pure Photography with Jason Edwards

Pure Photography

Stories from Jason's assignments in the field in this National Geographic video series.

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A Wing And A Prayer

A Wing And A Prayer

Rarely on assignment do endangered species cooperate to enable me to capture a frame. In Bhutan my brief listed two of the most elusive birds in the world. With an impossibly tight schedule, all I could do was work every minute of every day to track down these birds.
Amazon Jungle Market Trade

Amazon Jungle Market Trade

Poachers are the first link in a very long chain that sees animals shipped all over the world where they are kept as pets by everyday people.
An Arabian Icon

An Arabian Icon

Robotic jockey’s have replaced small boys who traditionally rode camels across the desert sands of Oman. A source of pride and prestige, this ancient pastime is watched by millions around the globe.

National Geographic Photographer Jason Edwards

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Photographic mentoring & portfolio reviews

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