Refund policy


Before unpacking your Fine Art Print

In the unlikely event that your print has been damaged during transit please photograph the damaged pack BEFORE unpacking it.

Please be extremely careful when you unpack your print. We have taken the utmost care to ensure that your print has been packaged appropriately. The most common time for damage to occur is when the print is being taken out of the mailing parcel.

If you intend to have your print framed we advise that you take your print in its packaging to the framer as soon as possible to avoid any handling damage.

Be sure to have clean hands to prevent fingerprints or if possible, use white cotton gloves when they are available. We have used clear archival polypropylene plastic wrap to help protect your print.

If you are not going to frame your image, to flatten your print, we recommend that you leave the polypropylene plastic covering the image unroll the print and lay flat in a dust free area. The fibers of the paper will naturally relax in a short time. DO NOT use any cardboard to lay on top of your print as acids in the cardboard can cause yellowing.

If the print itself is damaged or marked in anyway please photograph the damage and send a copy of the images to so we can advise what to do next.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.