Every photographer struggles with their creative process, it’s inevitable. Sometimes this battle between heart, mind and eye improves our craft and at times it clouds our judgement miring us in self-doubt. Having someone cast an independent eye over your portfolio or just talking about your goals and vision can shine a light on which direction you want to explore with your photography. Over several decades many photographers have found a private session with Jason has given them a new understanding of where they are in their career and where they wish to be.

Jason will review your image portfolio and assist you on your path to reaching your full potential as a photographer. He can advise on the steps necessary to take your work to the next level and help bring clarity to your photographic process. This is a relaxed and frank conversation where you’re free to ask questions and maximise your time in any way you wish. Some elements that regularly arise include questions about the business of photography, the creative process, personal projects, Nat Geo assignments, managing data and workflow, marketing and selling your images, post production and other issues surrounding the photographic industry. Mentoring sessions are generally held over Skype and are scheduled to fit with both Jason’s and your time. If you would like to reserve a session with Jason or are interested in finding out more please Contact Us or jump right in and Book a session now.

If you're looking to experience the world in a whole new way consider going on a journey with Jason on one of his many expeditions being offered in partnership with National Geographic.

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"The opportunity was more than I could ever ask. To have a professional analysis my work in such thorough detail was fascinating and I took away so much to think about in the future. After the portfolio review I had quite a few questions and Jason took the time to go through them all. I was incredibly grateful for his honesty, support and encouragement and left our conversation feeling so motivated and inspired. I thoroughly enjoyed it and we had a good laugh!"

Jess, Surry UK


"I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Jason on the National Geographic travel scholarship in 2011. Jason is quite the talkative person, yet open and incredibly informative. He is very generous sharing his vast knowledge and advice; and his 25 years of experience as a wildlife and history photographer coupled with his charismatic and lively character made this learning experience fun and educational. I am still inspired by his approach to photography as a way of life, the respect he paid to his subjects, and the attention he gave to the smallest details while composing his shots. The more you shoot, the more your photos will make you better; yet as a photographer, I learned how to make sure to leave a good impact on the scene or environment and to sometimes enjoy the moment, rather than relentlessly trying to capture the perfect picture of it. In the end, he was the spark that lit my path into becoming a professional photographer myself"

- Walid Rashid, Beirut Lebanon


"Meeting and learning from Jason was a cornerstone in my career. Jason is not only a master in his craft, he lives and breathes photography. It is evident in the way he interacts with everyone around him and the thought, care and passion he puts into every assignment. Jason has always managed to pull the best from me out of my work. He knows what and how to ask, to encourage me to think about each assignment in a different light. I would highly recommend investing in a portfolio review with Jason.”

- Anna Zhu, Sydney Australia


"Jason is an exotic, elusive, fuzzy grizzly bear found across the world and sometimes even at two places at the same time!! He looks all ferocious and tough on the outside, which he is, and that lends to his relentless pursuit for the fine shot. But, he is also all warm and fuzz ball on the inside which makes him a great person, friend and mentor."

- Divya Agrawal, Mumbai India

Prior to my World Nomads mentorship with Jason, photography was still very much a hobby to me. The thought of turning my passion into a career felt very much like a pipe dream, however my week of mentorship with Jason quickly changed all of that. Witnessing first hand what it takes to be a ‘Pro’ really opened my eyes, and provided me with the drive to turn my dream into reality. Nearly ten years later, I’m proud to be considered one of Western Canada's top commercial photographers, with a reputation for delivering images that feel authentic, and tell a story. Despite working in different photographic spheres, I owe much of my visual aesthetic to my time spent with Jason – drawing on his lessons in visual story telling, as well as his persistence in creating images in-camera, rather than at a computer in post.

To say that Jason's mentorship was life changing might sound dramatic, but he provided me with the tools to pursue a career that has given me more freedom, and fulfilment than I could have every dreamed of, and that’s pretty close. Thanks for everything Jason!”

- Nelson Mouellic, Canada