Pure Photography

Shooting the warriors was hot and sticky working in the torrential tropical rain, and the last thing I needed were more impediments so I just worked as if it wasn’t raining. When working around water, most people use a protective cover, but over the years I've found them constrictive regardless whether the conditions are really wet, icy or humid. Having said that, the last thing you need is a piece of equipment dying at a crucial moment.

A Wing and a prayer
A Jaguars Tale
Antarctica: Weddell Seals
Tonnes of Drama
Golden Age of Exploration
Greenland: As strong as an ox
Peru: Jungle meat market
The Ancient Dhow coming Full Circle
Amazon Deforestation
Greenland: No place like home
Meet the Manatee
Greenland Ice Sheet
An Arabian Icon
Eye for detail
The big freeze frame
Life on the reef
Jungle market