Icebergs to Iguanas

For three decades I’ve explored the world with a camera in hand, baring witness to the raw beauty of nature and the complexities of the human condition. In every imaginable way it’s been an adventure, overflowing with wonder, hardship and laughter. ‘Icebergs to Iguanas’ explores those countless frames and unmapped miles through a collection of stories, brought to life by some of my favourite images and the wild, exciting, sometimes heartbreaking tales behind their making. I share my personal experiences, from the euphoric highs to the devastating lows.

These books will take you on a diverse and thought-provoking journey around the world, from the dripping forests of the Amazon Basin to a plate of ice the size of France, across the ancient Persian Empire through the scorching sands of Australia’s arid heart and into the primeval wonder of the Great Migration. It’s the world as I have experienced it, full of chance encounters and unexpected detours, beauty and brutality, famine and feast – and through it all, a desire to celebrate life’s many wonders.

The beauty will astound, but it will also offer insights into the harsh realities of the global community and our impact on the planet. These stories will inspire you to appreciate our diverse and fascinating world, whilst celebrating the diversity of its cultures. Part travelogue, part art book, they are designed to be beautiful and accessible: entertaining, humorous, thought provoking, educational and moving. With behind-the-scenes tales, they will appeal to conservationists, travellers and photographers, lovers of wildlife and adventure, regardless of age or demographic.

I’ve been bitten, clawed, hunted, shot at, stoned (with rocks), defecated and urinated on, smuggled, groomed, diseased, incarcerated and even slapped by animals! I utilise the power of television and photography to inspire people about conservation, wildlife and indigenous communities by translating complex cultural, environmental and biological issues for mainstream consumption. The result is an emotional and often humorous journey into the unknown.