Artist Statement


For a long time I was regarded, and regarded myself, as a wildlife photographer often spending months on the road and refusing to capture even a single image of a person. However, as the years passed I came to realise that not only my vision of how I wanted to tell a story changed but also how I ‘saw’ that story and it’s interconnected elements. Today I regard myself as a photographer of Natural History.

The images on this website have all come from stories larger than the individual frame. They don’t necessarily represent my best frames, whatever ‘best’ means in a digital age, or my most commercial, more importantly they are images that I like for one reason or another. I chose Natural History photography as a lifestyle choice because it provided opportunities to explore and document the planet.

To me photography is more than just capturing beautiful pictures, these days almost anyone can do that; it should be about telling a story. The goal is always to tell a story. Beautifully composed images can tell a story by themselves, without text. I aim to immerse myself in the environment whether I have five minutes or five weeks and to document what I see and not stage scenes; I always strive to create the image in the field, not in post-production.

My philosophy is to faithfully represent what the camera captured, rather than to manipulate the image. I do extremely limited editing of my images and never composite more than one frame into an image. My editing technique produces a natural, clean, precise and consistent 'look' and style to my portfolio. I am an advocate for digital photography, but I also believe that Natural History and Documentary Photography are best served by the motto, "less is more".